WITBN: Our Songs

WITBN: Our Songs WITBN: Our Songs is an international co-production with the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN) featuring Indigenous singers and songwriters from around the world. As Canada’s Indigenous broadcaster, APTN commissioned Animiki See Digital Production to produce six music videos, each profiling a Canadian Aboriginal artist.



  • Project Manager: Monika Ille (APTN), Patagaw Talimalaw (WITBN)
  • Project Coordinator: Huw Eirug (APTN)
  • Editor: Mattis Wilhelmsen (NRK Sápmi)
  • APTN (Canada)
  • Executive Producer: Vanessa Loewen
  • Directed by: Claude Savard
  • Production Managers: Desiree Single, Holly Moore
  • BBC ALBA (Scotland)
  • Executive Producer: Margaret Cameron
  • Producer: Iain MacLeod
  • Director: Alasdair MacCuish
  • MAORI Televsion (New Zealand)
  • Produced and Directed by: Wiremu Te Kiri
  • NITV (Australia)
  • Executive Producer: Pauline Clague
  • Producer: Rima Tamou
  • Director: John Firth
  • WITBN Coordinator: Rhea Stephenson
  • NRK Sapmi (Norway)
  • Producer: Mathis Sara Wilhelmsen
  • Project Manager: Ravna Nystad
  • TG4 (Ireland)
  • Production Crew: Paschal Cassidy, Maggie Breathnach, Eoin Kelly-Smith, Gina Casey, Stephen McLoughlin
  • OIWI TV (Hawaii)
  • Executive Producer: Keoni Lee
  • Director / Producer: Nāʻālehu Anthony
  • Producer: Bryson Hoe
  • Producer: Kamakaniokaʻāina Paikai