Fit First I, II & III (Youth Edition)

Many struggle with being overweight and don't do anything about it. In Fit First, four ordinary individuals are determined to finally take that step and 'do'.

Each one has their own reasons to want to change their lifestyle and take charge of their health. Over the course of six months, they will work with a personal trainer to improve fitness, discover healthy food alternatives, and learn how to make better choices for themselves and their families. Along the way they will support and encourage each other, while working toward their own goals.

As they embark on very personal journeys, each will be pushed to their breaking point, and challenged to go beyond it. It takes courage, drive and determination — in mind, body and spirit — to do what they are doing. As they begin to experience lower numbers on the scale, improved fitness, and increased confidence, their stories will inspire in ways even they did not expect. Through losing weight they just may find their own inner 'warrior spirit' along the way.


  • Produced with: Indios Productions for APTN
  • Producers: Stephanie Scott and Vanessa Loewen
  • Distributed by: Animiki See Distribution Inc.