Super Chefs

A talented team of cosmic chefs and two robot helpers use their extraordinary cooking skills to create yummy, nutritious delights that inspire kids to get cookin’, eat healthy and have fun!

The Reckoner

13x30 drama series that takes place ten years after a devastating fire ravaged the school in Wounded Sky First Nation, killing the headmaster and all but two of the children inside, as a series of murders and supernatural occurrences threaten the heart of the community once again.


13x30 drama series about Wynter, the only half-breed in existence — half human-half trickster. She protects humans by battling forces of evil that escape through the Forks — a mythical meeting of rivers in the heart of Winnipeg. A place with a door to a spirit world.

All Our Tomorrows

3x60 documentary series depicting the journeys of 3 youth from Canada, New Zealand and Australia as they set out to study the similarities among the Indigenous peoples of the three countries, and challenge their own governments about the poor treatment of their people and the political policies that affect not only their lives, but the lives of their children and their children’s children.


6x30 documentary series that follows three individuals over a season of Thoroughbred horse racing. The Indigenous jockeys, trainers and families come from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles and struggle with anger, weight issues and ego. The documentary series will showcase a critical analysis of a contemporary way of life between Aboriginal people and horses.

The Department

13x60 documentary series that will be a critical examination of the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) department from the creation of the Indian Act in 1876, to present day. Through rich dramatic re-enactments and investigative, hard-hitting interviews, we will see the department unfold over the last 135+ years.

Cold Medicine

Drama pilot about the politics that play out of a northern hosptial in Whitehorse, Yukon.


8x1 mini-series that will explore pre-contact life in the Americas from another angle.

Breaking New Beats: Boot Camp

12x30 documentary series following ten musical hopefuls from across Canada as they converge in Winnipeg for a 2 week boot camp with leading industry talent to compete for the ultimate prize pack: A Fast Track to Stardom.