The Department

13x60 documentary series that will be a critical examination of the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) department from the creation of the Indian Act in 1876, to present day. Through rich dramatic re-enactments and investigative, hard-hitting interviews, we will see the department unfold over the last 135+ years.


8x1 mini-series that will explore pre-contact life in the Americas from another angle.

First Contact

First Contact takes a group of six non-Indigenous Canadians with strong opinions on Indigenous people and immerses them into Aboriginal Canada for the first time. The six participants are tested in extraordinary situations, their beliefs are confronted, their emotions pushed to the limit.


A street nurse named Wynter discovers it’s her destiny is to protect humans from evil tricksters.


Seasonal food, prepared simply, with local ingredients. This describes the traditional diets of Canada’s Aboriginal communities and FEAST is an 18-part series rooted in Aboriginal cuisine and culture. Each episode follows a host who explores the rustic and simple creation of modern and traditional Aboriginal cuisine.

Sans Reserve

More info to come.